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"Every individual is unique and should be valued

and encouraged to live to their full potential"

Who We Are

We are a christian charity, working throughout the North East of England.  We believe that every individual is unique, valued and encouraged to live to their full potential.  We aim to support their personal development, through our ongoing work in schools, our partnerships with other organisations and directly with individuals and families who are referred to us.


Our Programmes

We have written a number of personal development programmes which are tailored for specific needs that children, young people, adults and families may require support with.  All of our delivery is tailored to inspire, encourage identity, and improve confidence & self worth.  We aim to see people discover their purpose and aspire to live a more healthy, fulfilled life.


Our Campaign

Our positive body confidence campaign Beautiful is ___. challenges perception of beauty and responds to a growing culture of body dissatisfaction.  The campaign includes a pioneering body image Roadshow, a small fashion enterprise, one2one befriending and mentoring as well as a social media drive where we run a monthly ‘No Make up Monday’.  The campaign is gathering more momentum and in the next 12 months we have some new and exciting developments.


Case Studies

Take some time to look at just a few stories that have come from our work.


paula & lyndsey



Rachel, a bubbly 19 year old, mummy to a

gorgeous baby girl, attended our 10 week

Raising Confident Children course.


When we first met Rachel, she wouldn’t keep eye contact

with us, or many of the young women within the

sessions. She often physically hid behind her arms when

directly asked questions, and also used humour as a mask

too. Encouragement in group participation was often, if

not always met with a ‘no’, and compliments were never



As the sessions progressed through raising aspirations for themselves, their children and goal setting, we could noticeably see a difference in Rachel’s behaviour and confidence. She was actively taking part in group discussions and activities, volunteering herself to help facilitate the group, often sharing personal experiences in motherhood as examples in discussion time. She encouraged others within the session by including them and we saw her friendships grow and thrive.

It was a pleasure to see her develop her relationship with her daughter, as she took some of the skills and new knowledge home and implemented them in to their routine and lives.


One big change was the use of positive language and reinforcement, to place value on her daughter and also being able to accept compliments and give others kind words of encouragement too.


Rachel’s body language and facial expressions changed as we believe she realised her potential and value as a mother and an individual.  She maintained her cheeky and chirpy personality and allowed others to love and admire her, whilst confidently allowing her intelligence to shine through.


Both strong and independent mums.


Paula and Lyndsey both came to the Raising Confident Children sessions

not knowing anyone else within in the group or each other.  They both

were fairly strong characters, often being quite vocal about not caring

what others thought about them, or their parenting techniques. To us, this

screamed of insecurities and a lack of confidence.  Throughout the

beginning stages of the course through group icebreakers, discussion

times, activities and break time, we saw a friendship forming between

these two young mums.


It wasn’t until we started to explore raising their own aspirations and

goals, in order to make sure their children grow up with confidence, that

both of these young ladies expressed the desire to improve their health. It was also highlighted that one of them had not been able to go swimming with their child, because of a fear of being seen in a swimming suit, since her body had changed after giving birth. This honesty brought freedom for others within the group to share similar concerns about negative body image.


This friendship became so precious, because within a space of a few weeks, with encouragement through our sessions, these two ladies went swimming with each other and their daughters. Together, they were able to overcome the mutual fear. One key reason was that they acknowledged they didn’t want fear or a negative body image to get in the way of them experiencing fun with their children. They also wanted to set a good example and inspire other mums too, while setting an example of a positive body image for their daughters too.


We saw a knock on effect, with other women within the group going to Zumba classes together too.


This is what they said: “FDC helped everyone at the course with our self belief, our body confidence, the way we felt about our appearance and most importantly the understanding that we are all beautiful no matter what shape & size we are.”

We  thought  you  might  like  to  see  some  of  the

quotes taken from the women that have taken part

in this social media campaign so far.


Ellen - “Thank you, it has inspired me a lot to just love yourself for

who you are.”


Patti  (USA)  -  “I  love  the  campaign  and  getting  my daughter



Lucy - “Today I am so thankful to be in a place where I can support @beautifulis___ campaign.”


Helen - “Ok @beautifulis___ this has been put off for far  too  long.  But  after  seeing  other posts this morning I got brave too. So I’m not a fan of a selfie unless others are in it as I’ve never had a good  idea  of  myself!  I  may  be  loud,  emotional,  the heart and soul but that often covers so much! So being honest I so easily compare myself, I forget all the things I tell my kids but today I got brave. @beautfiulis___ the work you do is amazing.”


Emma - “I love what this charity is about and love the impact it’s had on me and my fiends.”


Jessy -  “To me, beauty is individuality. Today, some pretty amazing people came into school to show their campaign  and  basically  push  forward  the  point  that beauty is on the inside... and out. They want people to be aware of the fact that everyone is beautiful! Despite the pressure to look “flawless” from the media.”


Kirsty  -  “I  support  @beautifulis___’s  campaign  as  it empowers women to allow themselves to be truly seen & it encourages us to value others for more than their appearance  &  challenges  accepted  perceptions  of beauty that the media portray. Beauty is variety!!”


Shannon - “No Makeup Monday is my favourite kind of day.  I love this campaign so much.”


Andrea  -  “Check  out  The  Friendly  Development Charity and support their campaign - they’re changing perceptions  of  beauty and  teaching  people  what their real value is.”

Savvy  brings   young  people  and  their

parents/carers  together,  giving  them  the

opportunity  to  share  a  meal  and  engage  in

discussions  and  activities  around  challenging

issues in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Here are

some quotes about the programme:


I  have  noticed  some  changes  in my son.    He does  his

homework  first.  We  have  really  enjoyed  the sessions in

school and look forward to the next one in 2014.’ (Parent)


I have noticed a big change in my son’s behaviour due to the course. By the end he had opened up more and we spoke  better  to  each  other  at  home  too.    I  would love  to  continue  with  more  sessions  to  help  us  both.  I have enjoyed this very much.’


I  liked  this  course  because  I  got  to  learn  things and saw new people. (Young person)


This  helped  me  very  well  to  gain  more  confidence.’  (Young person)


I  have  found  these  sessions  very  useful  and  would be willing  to  do  more...  It  has  made  me  realise  the stress my granddaughter is under at this time in her life.


I feel the course has helped me and  _____   talk more, do more things together – really helpful.’(Parent)


More SAVVY, but longer’ (Young person)


We   both   really   enjoyed   this   course   and   looked forward   to   coming   each   week.   The   staff   are very friendly  and  approachable.  A  lot  of  sensitive  issues were  raised  in  an  informal  and  relaxed  way  and good advice and ideas were put forward.’  (Carer)


It   was  a  massive   success   and  never  have  I   been involved  in  a  project  where  parents  have  returned  to every session.  Credit to you all!” (Education Welfare)

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